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Psycho Imago – 2nd Write Campaign Challenge

Rachael Harrie has done it again. Here are the guidelines:


“Write a blog post in 200 words or less, excluding the title. It can be in any format, whether flash fiction, non-fiction, humorous blog musings, poem, etc. The blog post should:



  • include the word “imago” in the title
  • include the following 4 random words: “miasma,” “lacuna,” “oscitate,” “synchronicity,”



If you want to give yourself an added challenge (optional and included in the word count), make reference to a mirror in your post.


For those who want an even greater challenge (optional), make your post 200 words EXACTLY!”


Completed all the above, including 200 words exactly AND used the mirror!
Here’s my entry into the 2nd Campaigner Challenge if you like it, please vote for #24!


            I bashed my foot against the dresser as I moved across the bloodied room. A sharp, glorious pain seared through my ankle. A smile crept across my face.
I leaned against the edge of the dresser to get a better look in the shattered mirror. Her listless body reflected back with many angles to investigate. I licked the coolness of the glass that reflected her untouched breasts,slicing my tongue on its sharp edge.
Like the mirror, she was shattered, broken. Blood pooled in the lacuna my cleaver created. Her hair matted. Her porcelain face caved in. Exposed bones peeked through her jacket and jeans. It teased me from all directions. My daughter was now perfect.
Time had stood still in my dance. I didn’t care. I could do this forever. Shivers of pleasure pulsed in the pit of my groin and my lust got the better of me. I played the death scene out—perfect synchronicity between memory and motion. I danced with death again and again.
Her body began to decay. I drew in a deep breath. The stench of her miasma rose from her battered body. I fell on the bed in exhaustion and began to oscitate


  1. Ping from lynnadavidson:

    Oh my gosh! This is horrid, Jai! Simply horrid. I didn't know you could think this way. Wow!So, I guess as a horror writer –> you pass! 🙂 … it was awful, insane, creepy, very visual (too much for me!), very descriptive in so few words — made me cringe! Now I remember why I don't read this kind of stuff. 🙂 Great job, Girl!

  2. Ping from Karen deBlieck:

    Wow! That was sooo creepy. Very well done though!#189

  3. Ping from Arlee Bird:

    Whoa! That was pretty gory and horrifying. It was well done, but it creeped me out. LeeTossing It Out

  4. Ping from AveryMarsh:

    Um… wow. That was an incredibly poetic way to describe such a horrible scene. You didn't just bring us in the room, you dragged us inside the killer's head. The voice in this piece is superb.

  5. Ping from KSCollier:

    Scary creepy. Hope I don't have nightmares, hehehe. Good use of the words. Macabre, indeed.

  6. Ping from clarbojahn:

    My mouth oscitated in awe at the horror of this story. Mine is #62 and so different. Not flash but creative nonfiction.

  7. Ping from Angela Orlowski-Peart:

    I would have sworn I've posted a comment a couple days ago. Anyway, love the way you incorporated all the required words – they read so natural. The macabre piece is really well done, although creepy but fun to read. I'm #157 🙂

  8. Ping from Sher A. Hart:

    Tracked you down my my blog & never worked so hard to leave a comment. They keep disappearing. 4th try. So, this was the ultimate in creepy. Very well executed. Yes, that's a pun. I'm going to hide under my bed now.

  9. Ping from Cheryl Reif:

    Eek, this is so vivid–and I felt like I was in your narrator's disturbed mine from the first sentence. Great job!

  10. Ping from raelynbarclay:

    Completely twisted but, wow, your imagery! Great job with the challenge.

  11. Ping from lizakane:

    SO GOOD! Loved the perspective!!

  12. Ping from glitterword:

    absolutely love how you used the words in this peice, they were jaring but it a beautifully creepy way. Great job!

  13. Ping from Myne Whitman:

    It has that gory feel of horror, *shivers*

  14. Ping from julie fedderson:

    Really nice horror scene–wait that's a little strange to say. A very chilling horror scene! Great job with these words, they flow really well in this piece.

  15. Ping from Jessica Therrien:

    DUUUUDE…..that was gross, but SO good!!!

  16. Ping from LadyJai:

    Thank you all for your comments. I am truly touched I have been able to scare the pants off you! 😀 This was actually my first attempt at horror, believe it or not.

  17. Ping from Sandwiched Writer:

    Horror – or anything like it – completely freaks me out … and so did this … seriously, I felt queasy … which means you wrote an effective piece and employed the words in a way that didn't feel forced.

  18. Ping from MyTricksterGod:

    thx for the visit, I really appreciate you taking the time to come by. I've grown the habit of wearing 3pairs of underwear since my last visit to you.Just for an update… that is…

  19. Ping from J. A. Bennett:

    Creepy! I have the hibby-gibbies now.

  20. Ping from Rebecca Emin:

    How scary! Wow, you wrote this well. Scary stuff.

  21. Ping from Susie Medwell:

    Chilling! A clever piece of writing.

  22. Ping from Melodie Wright:

    You totally nailed the horror. *shivers*

  23. Ping from wordyliving:

    I loved it how you've put me as a reader in the minds of somebody I'd never like to be in. I almost felt like I understand him. Very good writing, really enjoyed it! – andrea

  24. Ping from Joanna:

    Wow, you do horror sooo well. It creeped me – excellent piece!

  25. Ping from Cortney:

    Wow, gruesome! Good use of the words!

  26. Ping from Medeia Sharif:

    What a chilling, dark piece. I loved it.Have a great weekend.

  27. Ping from Barbara McDowell:

    Oooo…this is freaky good! I love the imagery and senses that are tapped into. I can see the blood pooling, smell all the blood and body rotting. I feel the tension like I'm in the room made to watch this psycho getting off on his killing. Very good take and pace on horror.

  28. Ping from Maria:

    One word, 'chilling' very chilling.Good writing

  29. Ping from rddenton:

    "Blood pooled in the lacuna my cleaver created."A beautifully disturbing sentence! This was such a visceral take on Rachael's challenge, and a perfect example of just how many different angles so many writers can take with just the same four words. I adored the imagery, especially with the "porcelain face"! Beautiful and horrific at the same time.

  30. Ping from Angelina C. Hansen:

    Whoa! You know how to write horror!

  31. Ping from Christine Rains:

    Great macabre piece. Dark and tension filled. Good job!

  32. Ping from Heather:

    Eeeeew, I'll have nightmares this is SO WELL WRITTEN! This is way too real. I think this guy lives in the condo caddy-corner to me! 😉

  33. Ping from Cheryl:

    I mentioned to someone else that there are two types of characters that fascinate me, those I can love and those I can loathe. This is definitely one of the latter. Horribly macabre but compelling.

  34. Ping from MyTricksterGod:

    Now that had a creep factor that made me —- my pants…

  35. Ping from Lady Gwen:

    Wow. Scary! Totally creeped me out. Nice job! I'm #34 and a new follower:)

  36. Ping from F.E. Sewell:

    Creepy! You've brought to life an incredibly terrifying person that's freaking us all out. Great job!

  37. Ping from Kurt Hartwig:

    Wow – super scene.

  38. Ping from Angie Cothran:

    Twisty, dark, and creative. I got the chills. Great job 🙂

  39. Ping from Miranda Hardy:

    Yes, very dark and wicked. I enjoyed it. Good job with the words.

  40. Ping from Tara Tyler:

    disturbing how a deranged mind works. nice job!

  41. Ping from Michael Haynes:

    Storytreasury had the exact same thought that I did!It's very interesting seeing how many different takes on this people have come up with.Good work, Lady Jai!

  42. Ping from J:

    That was…horrifying. 🙂 Your imagery was great, and you incorporated the challenge words nicely. Well done!

  43. Ping from Jamie McHenry:

    Wow, freaky story. Nice work and great creativity.

  44. Ping from Jen:

    Very chilling stuff, Lady Jai. Great work getting all the words in so seamlessly. Mine is #3.

  45. Ping from catherinemjohnson:

    Wow, LadyJai I didn't even know we were on to the second one yet. Very macabre!

  46. Ping from David Powers King:

    I don't know why, but this reminds me of the henchwoman from Goldeneye. Inflicting pain and death while, umm, enjoying herself. Too much. Excellent use of those tricky words!Great job, Jaime! 🙂

  47. Ping from storytreasury:

    I love it! Oscitate just sounds so wrong here. wow. Love it!

  48. Ping from bridgetstraub.com:

    Okay that's just plain old disturbing! mine is #29 and very different. Wow.

  49. Ping from Angela Brown:

    Okay, um…where is this person at? I need to stay 300 miles away at all times. Yes, that is how well you did. I am both in awe and afraid – not of you – but this character.Great piece of horror for sure.

  50. Ping from A.E. Martin:

    Wow very macabre as K.T. said, the images are very strong too. This was skin crawling!

  51. Ping from K.T. Hanna:

    I love the macabre feel to the whole piece. Its very visual and enticing (sue me, I like horror). Really like this piece.Damn nice usage of the words too!

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