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A Blogger Award….Interesting things

My first Blogger Award (thank you Cleveland!)….and I really have no idea what I am supposed to do with it. But hey, as for researching new things, I found that I need to say a few things about me…yes, me! Why must I always be asked about me? Ugh! I hate being the center of attention! That said…

1) I am a Leo, if you can believe that! I’m also married to a Leo, who just happens to be 6 days younger than me. And from my understanding, 2 Leo’s in the same household NEVER get along. Well, I guess that’s a load of bull. But we’ve been married 21 years now. HE’S the Leo. He’s outspoken, always holding the stage. He’s loyal, but don’t piss him off! Me, well, I hate confrontation, I am very emotional, I don’t hold a grudge. I’m the closet, quiet Leo. He’s the open, boisterous Leo. Two ends of the same string! And we work so well together!

2) I’m a brat! Yes, you heard me right! I’m a brat. A military brat! I’ve moved around all my life. Every 4 years my father would get orders to someplace new. Hampton Roads, was the longest I had lived in any one place. Thirteen years was the grand total before I moved away. However, I did manage to hop a plane to visit a friend in Colorado when I was 20…4 years after I moved there. 😛 And, I still, to this day, get itchy feet. I’m still looking for a new job in the next couple of years. I’m hoping to get one in Japan. Or maybe go back to England for a bit.

3) I love genealogy! My father’s mother’s name is very hard to research as I don’t know Hungarian. And my mother’s maiden name is German. Researching in other languages is quite difficult! But, my maiden name’s history is quite interesting!

  • My family helped finance the first settlement in Pennsylvania (and was best friends) with William Penn.
  • One of my family members married Betsy Ross.
  • One of my family members owned the first printing press in Philadelphia and printed the original, as well as copies of the Declaration of Independence, Constitution of the United Stated of America and even George Washington’s farewell address.
  • One of my family members is buried in Westminster Abby.
  • my maiden name seems to have disappeared (or, rather, popped into existence) somewhere around 1500. But my first known ancestor’s wife’s family name can be traced through British and Danish royalty (I even have stories our family was part of the Templars). Some stories have surfaced about being related to Nefertiti, Constantine, and Jesus’ brother, James, but documentation of such things is very difficult to secure.
4) Although I grew up with dogs, I am a cat person! Or, rather, I am their slave! We got one the day after we were married, and our house has never been without! Our first two lived a wonderful life. Born in Virginia, they traveled to Germany, and Texas with us. They are now buried in Florida and awaiting our next meeting at the gates of Rainbow Bridge. We now have a couple of oxymoron cats! 🙂 Brother and sister, they are straight eared Scottish Folds. We’ve had them now for 4 years! The are adorable. Here’s a link to all our cat’s info!
5) I am a jack of all trades, master of none. I have a lot of different interests. I can do most anything. And for that, I think I go in spurts with all my different hobbies. Reading, writing, quilting, making chainmaille jewelry, geocaching, gaming, gardening, whatever else you could throw in there. I’ve never found that one thing I was really good at. So, when I grow up I want to be that crazy cat lady!
6) I’m a geek, a gamer girl, and many people just don’t “get” me. I never fit in to any crowd, yet, I could hang out with just about anyone. As a teenager, I molded myself to my surroundings in order to find the one group I could feel comfortable in. I never did. I still don’t. Oh well. I’ve found the love of my life and we are friends as well. My family is all I need. Although, sometimes, I get a little sad that I don’t have close friends outside the house….then it passes.
7) Oh, and I love roses! Not those cut, dying kind. But the ones you plant in gardens! I used to show roses back in Virginia. Somehow I managed to make it into the professional section with one of my roses and it won 3rd place! But, ever since I had to leave my prize-winning roses…the love and dedication I put into my rose garden…when we moved to Germany, I just haven’t been able to bring myself to such dedication again. Although, now that we’ve bought our own home, I do have some roses I’ve planted and have been taking care of for the past year. There are only 5 at the moment. But, our yard is too tiny for more!
Well, there you have it! Me, in a semi-nutshell! There is too much of me to even begin to scratch the surface of who I am.
Now, I guess I have to award it to 15 others….so let’s see. 🙂
  1. Beth Elisa Harris
  2. Cheryl Ann Ham
  3. Julie Musil
  4. Cerebral Lunchbox
  5. Donea Lee
  6. Project Fraeya
  7. Pam Parker
  8. Regina
  9. Ann
  10. Madeleine
  11. Faith
  12. Jeanne
  13. Happily Cheesy
  14. Gary Baker
  15. Len Lambert


  1. Ping from Madeleine:

    Ooh I could smell thsoe roses. I'd like to get into genealogy too. Congrats on the award and Bless You for awarding me. :O)

  2. Ping from Tara:

    Congrats on the award!

  3. Ping from Kari Marie:

    Congratulations on your award! Your family history is amazing. You could write a book with that … 😉 i'd read it.

  4. Ping from Megan K. Bickel:

    What a great post, Jai! Very interesting! I am the exact same way with my hobbies. I'm a hobby jumper. I've done geocaching too!

  5. Ping from Marieke:

    The Templars? Way cool. I love those snippets of history, it's great if you can trace it back that far! I can trace my family back to the 1800s and always wanted to go back further, but never found the time. (Ironically enough, I traced a lot of other people's – medieval – lives over the years, but that was all uni related.)Geeks rule! ^^

  6. Ping from CherylAnne Ham:

    Hi! How interesting about one of your family members owning the first printing press. That's so cool. I'm just like you on #6 on all points. 🙂 Thanks so much for the award.

  7. Ping from lynnadavidson:

    LadyJai, what a very interesting person you are on many levels. 🙂 I am blessed to call you my internet friend. You write such interesting blog posts and I hope you will keep it up when you can.

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