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Who am I Revealed

This was my first ever blog challenge so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I loved everyone’s different takes on the challenge and felt so inadequate with mine. But thank you all for stopping by, reading, and guessing! It was soooo much fun! And every guess put a smile on my face! And I am sure you are wondering what exactly is that little fib??

Ask me a question, and I tell you no lie. I never had a problem as a child, but quickly I learned as a teenager how I hated the lies told to me. The Golden Rule seems to have been drilled into my head forever. So, I struggled with this challenge, to come up with a “lie”.

I will tell you all the truths in my previous post

I really do have a fairy tale marriage. I did met my husband (at the age of 20) and five days later, he asked me to marry him. A month later we were married. Twenty-one years later and we are still going strong.  We are currently on our 22nd year of marriage. Although, we do have 2 anniversaries. We were married in the eyes of the law on December 22, 1989. He deployed on a military exercise to Korea a few weeks later while I planned our wedding. We were married in the eyes of the Lord on May 12, 1990. He was only supposed to be gone for 3 months, plenty of time to come back and chill before the big day. Things happen and you get used to it with the military. He came back with 6 days to spare. And what’s a fairy tale without a “wicked witch”? We do have one, she’s called “Chronic Pain” and we thank the Army for that. (Thank you all who say I look too young! My body feels like it’s 80. But my mind is that of a 16 year old! My age is comfortably in the middle somewhere! LOL)

I really wear my heart on my sleeve. My feelings have been trampled because of it since the day I was born. I used to weep openly, now I bottle it in. I have so much love to share, and it seems so many people want to take advantage of this, that my feelings STILL get hurt. I continue on in my quest to share my love. But the lack of true, close friends is evident. There are so many who have touched my heart and I hold dear…I just chose not to express it for fear of losing their friendship on a multitude of levels. 

I do really have a bad habit when I sit idle. I grab my hair by the ends and look for those nasty split ends. They do so bother me, and fascinate me at the same time. It’s like a hunt for the elusive 4 leaf clover (for which I have found many!) to find that one that has 10 split ends on it. 

However, after several horrifying experiences at the salon and  hating the short haircuts that I had to get….I only get my hair cut, even just a trim, maybe once every 5 years…if not more! (my secret AND my annoying habit rolled into one…at least to my husband who was the only one know knows!)

And last, but not least, I really am an introvert! Coupled with living in Florida and the HEAT of the stiflingsummers I really don’t enjoy going outside! (my fib was saying that was my favorite thing to do) Although, now that our pool is being built, we may just be outside everyday. 🙂 

I do enjoy nature, though! Always have. And, yes, we’ve had an alligator not 100 yards from my house in the retention pond. Or what about the one down the street from where I work….just moseying along…. (he’s peeking out on the sidewalk there in the picture above). We also have our friendly armadillo digging up our yard. NOT! And I LOVE dragonflies! So, watching nature is always fun to do! And oh! The things you see! I’ve once seen deer the size of dogs, and rabbits the same size! Amazing! An owl swooped down in my front yard to grab a snake once..or was it a glass lizard…too hard to tell. And then there was the dancing bald eagle on the flight line on base! Nature is wondrous!

(Isn’t this the most awesome picture of a dragonfly?)

And yes, I DID look up what a fuliguline was…but I am still so confused on it’s proper definition and usage! It wasn’t in any dictionary I had come across and I had seen so many people use it so vastly different from one another.  I don’t think the question was a “fib”! 😛

Now that I’ve exposed myself, I hope you will continue to read me. Although I am still learning this blog business and I may not know what to blog about, I do so much appreciate your following! 


  1. Ping from Happily Cheesy:

    Yay for Florida (neighbor)! We do everything outdoors before 10 am in the summers–unless it's the pool. I too am married to my fairytale romance (11 years and counting), but we had to wait 2 yrs on opposite ends of the country before we could enjoy our blissful "one day". So glad to get to know you.

  2. Ping from Trisha:

    I live in Western Australia and we suffer through pretty awful summers too, so I can relate to that ;)I'm an introvert too, but it's amazing how well I can fake not being one!

  3. Ping from Sari Webb:

    I know what you mean about the split ends! I get my hair chemically straightened so it's pretty unhealthy. When I write I have to tie my hair completely back from my face or I get distracted searching for them. Having straight hair is so worth it for me though.

  4. Ping from lbdiamond:

    A fairy tale marriage–Oh, how nice!

  5. Ping from Adina West:

    Florida's not only hot but also humid, right? I don't blame you for staying inside sometimes!

  6. Ping from Susan Schreyer:

    Hi from a fellow Crusader! Enjoyed your reveal — thanks for sharing! I see from your profile that you like roses — me too! I've got about 55 bushes in my yard, and am always trying to figure out how to add another.

  7. Ping from Su:

    Wow, I totally thought I was the only person on the planet who did the hunt-for-split-ends thing. I've driven multiple flatmates mental doing it!

  8. Ping from Will Burke:

    I had to Google "Fuliguline," and much of the first page was Crusader entries! I used the first definition I found: Sea Duck.

  9. Ping from lynnadavidson:

    You write so well, LadyJai, and made it a very interesting read.

  10. Ping from J.L. Campbell:

    Thanks for sharing. Your marriage sounds wonderful.

  11. Ping from katswhiskers:

    Wow. Great read, Jai. And not all of it was a surprise, having got to know you. But nice to know more. 🙂

  12. Ping from Heather Hellmann:

    I loved reading about your fairy tale marriage!

  13. Ping from kangaroobee:

    Very clever LadyJai, great use of photos too 🙂

  14. Ping from Ann:

    So it is about the hair. Enjoyed your reveal too.

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