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Elliot’s Dreams

http://media.storybird.com/embedplayer/bin/StoryplayerEmbed.swfElliot’s Dreams on Storybird

Elliot’s Dreams by LadyJai on Storybird

Not sure how many people have been introduced to StoryBird’s challenge for November. I was only recently introduced when I read Megan Bickel‘s Like A Barrel Of Monkeys story and was inspired to play with my own. It was loads of fun.

In fact, it was so much fun, my son has made three of his own. I’ve privately published those on my account but if anyone wants to read how an 8 year old’s mind works when writing stories, just shoot me a note!


  1. Comment by Catherine Ensley:

    Hey there fellow Crusader, Storybird is such a great idea. I don't write picture books but as a children's librarian, I read every one I buy, and I buy everything that gets published by traditional publishers.

  2. Comment by Rachael Harrie:

    Ooh, sounds exciting :)Rach

  3. Comment by Megan K. Bickel:

    I really love your story!! Thanks for the shout-out too! : )

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