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How I Decided to do PiBoIdMo

A year ago, a friend of mine participated in the NaNoWriMo, but it was already over by the time she introduced me to it. I had signed up in December to do it this year. Then, I completely forgot about it. Life just got in the way. Then, last month, she brought it up again and I was seriously considering it. After several weeks of mulling it over and trying to actually learn HOW to write a novel, I got cold feet. I decided I was not ready for this. There was too much information overwhelming me and the feelings of inadequacy came back hard. I put this in the back of my mind.

I then found this medium by chance about a week ago. I’ve been reading a lot on the Picture Book genre and I think this may be more my style, until I can learn more about the novel and then I can venture out into YA novels/novellas. I want to thank Christie Wright Wild from her Write Wild blog. She was my first contact into this and her blog sparked the interest. From there, I was able to expand into the Writer’s Platform-Building Crusade by Rachel Harrie and have since gained some followers and even more information. I enjoy reading everyone’s posts, learning about their lives and their struggles with writing. But most of all, I especially love that there is a place for me to go that I actually “fit in”. I know it will take time before I can find some friends that I can converse with more than a few words in the comments. And I am hoping that one day I can actually do that. Maybe even find a writing critique group that can help me with my manuscripts. Any suggestions would be wonderful, as always!

Anyway, I came across Tara Lazar’s blog about PiBoIdMoand I just had to find out more information. Upon further reading, I believe this was such a better fit for me than NaNoWriMo. I have decided I will be participating in the PiBoIdMo 2010! Yay! Go me! Now, let’s hope I know what I am doing!


  1. Ping from Rachael Harrie:

    Hey LadyJai. Have fun doing PiBoldMo! You should check out Picture Books Only (website) and join in on #PBLitChat (a picture books only web chat once a week run by Karen Collum and Kat Apel, who's also one of the Crusaders – katswhiskers). They're a lovely bunch of people and you'll learn so much :)You should be able to find the details by googling, but send me an email if you can't and I'll give you the links. Good luck :)Rach

  2. Ping from Julie Hedlund:

    Welcome aboard, fellow crusader! I'm also doing PiBoIdMo, so I'm sure we'll be chatting much. Am now following your blog.Christie is one of my critique partners, btw, and she is inspirational!

  3. Ping from katswhiskers:

    I don't think I'll ever 'work my way up' to 50k in a month. But I too am looking forward to PiBoIdMo. I just love writing picture books! 🙂 Trust your month is ispirational.

  4. Ping from Megan K. Bickel:

    Happy to hear you are doing it!! Yeah!!

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